Photoionization cross section of Sc XII

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Relativistic calculations of photoionization cross sections of Ne-like Sc XII using the Breit-Pauli R-matrix method in close-coupling and LS-coupling approximation and fully relativistic distorted-wave method are reported. In present work, the relativistic distorted-wave method is employed to calculate the fine-structure energy levels and radial functions, and the Breit-Pauli R-matrix method is employed to calculate the photoionizaton cross sections. In present work, we calculated the photoionization cross sections of Sc XII for ejection of 2p or 2s electron from the ground 2s 22p 6 1S0 in jj-coupling and obtained the energy levels and widths of 2s 22p 5 ns 3P1, 2s 22p 5 nd 1P1 (n = 21−30), 2s2p 6 np 3P1 and 2s2p 6 np 1P1 (n = 5−15). The photoionization cross sections of Sc XII for ejection of 2p electron from the excited state 1s 22s 22p 53s 3,1P have been calculated in LS-coupling and obtained the energy levels and widths of 2s2p 6 ns 1,3S and 2s2p 6 nd 1,3D (n = 5−15).


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