Low energy H production by electron collision with small hydrocarbons

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The production of low-energy H by electron impact with CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6 and C3H8 has been studied within electron energy range 0−20 eV. The dissociative electron attachment and dipolar dissociation (also known as ion pair production) are contributing to formation of H in this energy range. A special ion extraction system for collection of low-energy light ions was used. Low-energy H production rates for all studied molecules are found lower yet similar to those for hydrogen at 14 eV dissociative attachment maximum. A vertical onset of ion yield is observed for the dissociative attachment in CH4, C2H2, and C3H8. The production rate of H through the dipolar dissociation is observed to be high in the case of C2H4.


Topical issue: Electron/Positron Collision. Guest editors: Michael Brunger, Anne Lafosse, Gaetana Laricchia, Paulo Limao-Vieira and Nigel Mason 


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