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, Volume 52, Issue 1–3, pp 43–46 | Cite as

Photon-trap spectroscopy of size-selected free cluster ions: “direct” measurement of optical absorption of Ag+ 9

Structure and Thermodynamics of Free Clusters


An absorption spectrum of size-selected free cluster ions has been measured “directly” via extinction of light without relying on photodepletion/dissociation spectroscopy. The novel technique employs an ion trap and an optical cavity; cluster ions stored in an ion trap interact with photons trapped in a cavity. The storage lifetime of photons in the cavity provides “direct” observation of extinction of light (photon-trap spectroscopy, which is a generalized scheme of cavity ring-down spectroscopy). The first measurement is performed on ultraviolet absorption of Ag9 +. Temperature dependence of the spectrum is presented by cooling the ion trap down to 10 K.


36.40.Mr Spectroscopy and geometrical structure of clusters 42.62.Fi Laser spectroscopy 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Cluster Research Laboratory, Toyota Technological InstituteChibaJapan
  2. 2.East Tokyo Laboratory, Genesis Research InstituteChibaJapan

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