Four fermion final states and photoproduction at LEP2

  • M. Bonesini
PS07 Tests of the Standard Model


Four fermion processes have been measured at LEP2 in e+e collisions up to \(\sqrt{s}=209\) GeV. Combination of results from the four LEP experiments allows stringent tests on Standard Model (SM) predictions and to model backgrounds for Higgs bosons and new physics searches.

PACS: 14.70.-e Gauge bosons – 12.15.-y Electroweak interactions


Higgs Boson Stringent Test Electroweak Interaction Physic Search Fermion Process 
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  • M. Bonesini
    • 1
  1. 1.Sezione INFN Milano – Dipartimento di Fisica G. Occhialini, Universitá di Milano-Bicocca 

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