MACRO results on atmospheric neutrino oscillations

  • G. Giacomelli
  • A. Margiotta
PS09 Neutrino Properties and Oscillations


The final results of the MACRO experiment on atmospheric neutrino oscillations are presented. The data concern different event topologies with average neutrino energies of ~ 3 and ~ 50 GeV. Multiple Coulomb Scattering of the high energy muons was used to estimate the neutrino energy of each event. The angular distributions, the L/E ν distribution, the particle ratios and the absolute fluxes all favour ν μ ν τ oscillations with maximal mixing and \(\Delta m^2 =0.0023 \: \rm eV^2\). A discussion is made on the Monte Carlos used for the atmospheric neutrino flux.

PACS: 13.15.+g ν interactions – 14.60.Pq ν mixing – 96.40.De CR composition energy spectra – 96.40.Tv ν and μ.


Angular Distribution Atmospheric Neutrino Neutrino Energy Neutrino Flux Event Topology 
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  • G. Giacomelli
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  • A. Margiotta
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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Fisica and INFN, I-40127 BolognaItaly

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