Searches for physics beyond the Standard Model in \(t\bar{t}\) events

  • Petra Merkel
PS08 Physics Beyond the Standard Model


The top quark is currently only observed at the Tevatron, where it is mainly produced in \(t\bar{t}\) pairs. Due to the very high mass of the top quark compared to the other quarks and the gauge bosons, it is expected to play a special role in electroweak symmetry breaking. Therefore it might be especially sensitive to new physics. Measurements of various production and decay quantities of the top quark could lead to discoveries of physics beyond the standard model. Several such measurements were performed by the CDF collaboration during Run1 of the Tevatron. These measurements and first results from CDF in Run2 are presented.

PACS: 14.65.Ha Properties of the Top Quark – 12.60.-i Models beyond the Standard Model


Symmetry Breaking Special Role Gauge Boson High Mass Electroweak Symmetry Breaking 
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