Prototype for an undulator-based source for polarised positrons

  • Gudrid Moortgat-Pick
PS15 Accelerator R and D


The full exploitation of the physics potential of a future Linear Collider requires the development of polarised positron beams. A very promising scheme for the technical realisation is the use of helical undulators, generating circular polarised photons of several MeV which are then converted in a thin target to longitudinally polarised positrons. The experiment E-166 tests this scheme. It uses the low-emittance 50-GeV electron beam at the Final Focus Test Beam (FFTB) at SLAC, passing through a 1 meter-long helical undulator. The flux and polarisation of the undulator photons as well as the properties of the positrons will be measured and will be compared with simulations.

PACS: 12.60.-i Models beyond the standard model – 13.88.+e Polarization in interactions and scattering – 29.27.Hj Polarized Beams – 95.75.Hi Polarimetry


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  • Gudrid Moortgat-Pick
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  1. 1.IPPP, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham, Durham, DH1 3LEUK

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