Towards precision determination of the top-quark massfrom \(\mathbf M_{b\ell}\) distribution in semi-leptonic decays

  • M. L. Nekrasov
Theoretical Physics


We explore a possibility of optimization of the method of determination of the top-quark mass from the \(M_{b\ell}\) distribution in semi-leptonic decays \(t \to b \ell\nu\) at the LHC and a future linear collider (LC). We discover that the systematic and statistical errors of M t determination can be diminished if considering the high moments over the distribution. In the case of LHC this allows one to reduce the errors by more than a factor of two, and in the case of LC to approach the precision expected by studying the threshold scan of the total cross section \(e^ + e^- \to t\bar{t}\).


Field Theory Elementary Particle Quantum Field Theory Statistical Error Total Cross Section 
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  1. 1.Institute for High-Energy PhysicsProtvinoRussia

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