Quantum-hydrodynamical picture of the massive Higgs boson

  • M. Consoli
  • E. Costanzo
theoretical physics


The phenomenon of spontaneous symmetry breaking admits a physical interpretation in terms of the Bose condensation process of elementary spinless quanta. In this picture, the broken-symmetry phase emerges as a real physical medium, endowed with a hierarchical pattern of scales, supporting two types of elementary excitations for \({\vec{k}} \to 0\): a massive energy branch \(E_a({\vec{k}}) \to M_H\), corresponding to the usual Higgs boson field, and a collective gapless branch \(E_b({\vec{k}}) \to 0\). This is similar to the coexistence of phonons and rotons in superfluid 4He that, in fact, is usually considered the condensed-matter analog of the Higgs condensate. After previous work dedicated to the properties of the gapless phonon branch, in this paper we use quantum hydrodynamics to propose a physical interpretation of the massive branch. On the base of our results, M H coincides with the energy gap for vortex formation and a massive Higgs boson is like a roton in superfluid 4He. Within this interpretation of the Higgs particle, there is no naturalness problem since M H remains a naturally intermediate, fixed energy scale, even for an ultimate ultraviolet cutoff \(\Lambda\to \infty\).


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