Experimental tests of non-perturbative pion wave functions

  • D. Ashery
  • H.-C. Pauli
Theoretical Physics


We use the transverse-momentum dependence of the cross section for the diffractive dissociation of high energy pions to two jets to study some non-perturbative light-cone wave functions of the pion. We compare the predictions for this distribution by Gaussian and Coulomb wave functions as well as the wave function derived from a solution of the light-cone Hamiltonian in the singlet model. We conclude that this experimentally measured information provides a powerful tool for these studies.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • D. Ashery
    • 1
  • H.-C. Pauli
    • 2
  1. 1.School of Physics and Astronomy, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel IL
  2. 2. Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, 69029 Heidelberg, Germany DE

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