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Angular momentum non-conserving decays in isotropic media

Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Various processes that are forbidden in vacuum due to angular momentum conservation can occur in a medium that is isotropic and does not carry any angular momentum. We illustrate this by considering explicitly two examples. The first one is the decay of a spin-0 particle into a photon and another spin-0 particle, using a model involving the Yukawa interactions of the scalar particles with a charged fermion field. The second one involves the decay of a neutrino into another neutrino and a graviton, in the standard model of particle interactions augmented with the linearized gravitational couplings.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Department of PhysicsUniversity of Puerto RicoRío PiedrasPuerto Rico
  2. 2.Saha Institute of Nuclear PhysicsCalcuttaIndia

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