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Supersymmetric contributions to B→DK and the determination of angle γ

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We analyze supersymmetric contributions to the branching ratios and CP asymmetries of B-→D0K- and B-→D̄0K- processes. We investigate the possibility that supersymmetric CP violating phases can affect our determination for the angle γ in the unitary triangle of Cabibbo–Kobayashi–Maskawa mixing matrix. We calculate the gluino and chargino contributions to b→u(c̄s) and b→c(ūs) transitions in a model independent way by using the mass insertion approximation method. We also revise the D0–D̄0 mixing constraints on the mass insertions between the first and second generations of the up sector. We emphasize that in case of negligible D0–D̄0 mixing, one should consider simultaneous contributions from more than one mass insertion in order to be able to obtain the CP asymmetries of these processes within their 1σ experimental range. However, with a large D0–D̄0 mixing, one finds a significant deviation between the two asymmetries and it becomes natural to have them of the order of the central values of their experimental measurements.


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