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Influence of weak nonlinearity on the 1D Anderson model with long-range correlated disorder

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We investigate theoretically the nature of the states and the localization properties in a one-dimensional Anderson model with long-range correlated disorder and weak nonlinearity. Using the stationary discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation, we calculate the disorder-averaged logarithm of the transmittance and the localization length in the fixed input case in a numerically exact manner. Unlike in many previous studies, we strictly fix the intensity of the incident wave and calculate the localization length as a function of other parameters. We also calculate the wave functions in a given disorder configuration. In the linear case, flat phased localized states appear near the bottom of the band and staggered localized states appear near the top of the band, while a continuum of extended states appears near the band center. We find that the focusing Kerr-type nonlinearity enhances the Anderson localization of flat phased states and suppresses that of staggered states. We observe that there exists a perfect symmetry relationship for the localization length between focusing and defocusing nonlinearities. Above a critical value of the strength of nonlinearity, delocalization due to the long-range correlations of disorder is destroyed and all states become localized.


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