Coexisting stochastic and coherence resonance in a mean-field dynamo model for Earth’s magnetic field reversals

Statistical and Nonlinear Physics


Using a spherically symmetric mean-field α2-dynamomodel for Earth’s magnetic field reversals, we show thecoexistence of the noise-induced phenomena coherence resonance and stochastic resonance. Stochastic resonance was recentlyinvoked to explain the 100 kyr periodicity in the distribution ofresidence times between reversals.The comparison of the resulting residence time distribution withthe paleomagnetic one allows for some estimate ofthe effective diffusion time of the Earth’s core which may be100 kyr or slightly below rather than200 kyr as it would result from the molecular resistivity.


91.25.Mf Magnetic field reversals: process and timescale 91.25.Cw Origins and models of the magnetic field; dynamo theories 05.40.Ca Noise 


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