Localization properties of driven disordered one-dimensional systems

  • D. F. Martinez
  • R. A. Molina
Mesoscopic Physics


We generalize the definition of localization length to disordered systems driven by a time-periodic potential using a Floquet-Green function formalism. We study its dependence on the amplitude and frequency of the driving field in a one-dimensional tight-binding model with different amounts of disorder in the lattice. As compared to the autonomous system, the localization length for the driven system can increase or decrease depending on the frequency of the driving. We investigate the dependence of the localization length with the particle's energy and prove that it is always periodic. Its maximum is not necessarily at the band center as in the non-driven case. We study the adiabatic limit by introducing a phenomenological inelastic scattering rate which limits the delocalizing effect of low-frequency fields.


72.15.Rn Localization effects 73.20.Fz Weak or Anderson localization 73.21.Hb Quantum wires 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institute für Physik Komplexer SystemeDresdenGermany

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