Self-energy-functional approach to systems of correlated electrons

  • M. Potthoff


The grand potential of a system of interacting electrons is considered as a stationary point of a self-energy functional. It is shown that a rigorous evaluation of the functional is possible for self-energies that are representable within a certain reference system. The variational scheme allows to construct new non-perturbative and thermodynamically consistent approximations. Numerical results illustrate the practicability of the method.

PACS. 71.10.-w Theories and models of many-electron systems – 71.15.-m Methods of electronic structure calculations – 74.20.-z Theories and models of superconducting state – 75.10.-b General theory and models of magnetic ordering – 71.30.+h Metal-insulator transitions and other electronic transitions 


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  • M. Potthoff
    • 1
  1. 1.Lehrstuhl Festkörpertheorie, Institut für Physik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 10115 Berlin, GermanyDE

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