High resolution hypernuclear spectroscopy

  • F. Garibaldi
A (e, e’), A (e, e’N) and A (e, e’NN) processes


Hypernuclear spectroscopy provides fundamental information for understanding the effective Λ-Nucleon interaction. Jefferson Laboratory experiment E94-107 was designed to perform high resolution hypernuclear spectroscopy by electroproduction of strangeness in four 1p-shell nuclei: 12C, 9Be, 16O, and 7Li. The first part of the experiment on 12C and 9Be has been performed in January and April-May 2004 in Hall A at Jefferson Lab. Significant modifications were made to the standard Hall A apparatus for this challenging experiment: two septum magnets and a RICH detector have been added to get reasonable counting rates and excellent particle identification, as required for the experiment. A description of the apparatus and the preliminary analysis results are presented here.

PACS: 21.80.+a – 25.30.Rw


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