Weakly screened thermonuclear reactions in astrophysical plasmas: Improving Salpeter’s model

  • Theodore E. Liolios
PS15 Accelerator R and D


This paper presents a detailed study of the electron degeneracy and nonlinear screening effects which play a crucial role in the validity of Salpeter’s weak-screening model. The limitations of that model are investigated and an improved one is proposed which can take into account nonlinear screening effects. Its application to the solar pp reaction derives an accurate screening enhancement factor and provides a very reliable estimation of the associated neutrino flux uncertanties.

PACS 26.10.+a, 26.20.+f, 96.60.Jw, 26.65.+t


Crucial Role Reliable Estimation Enhancement Factor Screen Effect Neutrino Flux 
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  • Theodore E. Liolios
    • 1
  1. 1.Hellenic Naval Academy of Hydra, School of Deck Officers, Department of Science, Hydra Island 18040, Greece, 

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