TARGISOL: An ISOL-database on the web

  • O. Tengblad
  • M. Turrion
  • L. M. Fraile
ENAM 2004


An essential requisite for an efficient production of short-lived nuclei in an Isotope Separation On-Line (ISOL) facility is the fast release and extraction of the radioactive isotopes. In order to control the variables affecting the design and development of the target matrices and ion-sources, a database management system, called DifEfIsol, containing the relevant information of this diffusion-effusion process has been built. The Oracle database is constructed within an Open-URL framework directly reachable from any Web-browser at The database includes the diffusion and desorption data of most elements in a range of materials. About 2400 entries are presently stored in the database. These data are used as input to a Monte Carlo simulation program that presently is being tested. This paper presents the database and the Web application as a tool for diffusion-effusion studies.


07.05.Rm Data presentation and visualization: algorithms and implementation 51.20.+d Viscosity, diffusion, and thermal conductivity 29.25.-t Particle sources and targets 


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  1. 1.Instituto de Estructura de la MateriaCSICMadridSpain
  2. 2.ISOLDE, PH departmentCERNGeneva 23Switzerland

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