Finite temperature QCD with \(N_f=2+1+1\) Wilson twisted mass fermions at physical pion, strange and charm masses


We discuss recent progress in studying Quantum Chromodynamics at finite temperature using \(N_f=2+1+1\) Wilson twisted mass fermions. Particular interest is in QCD symmetries and their breaking and restoration. First, we discuss the behaviour of the \(\eta '\) meson at finite temperature, which is tightly connected to the axial and chiral symmetries. The results suggest a small decrease of the \(\eta '\) mass in the pseudo-critical region coming close to the non-anomalous contribution and subsequent growth at large temperatures. Second, we present the first results of lattice simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics with \(N_f=2+1+1\) twisted mass Wilson fermions at physical pion, strange and charm masses. We estimate the chiral pseudo-critical temperatures for different observables. Our preliminary results are consistent with a second order transition in the chiral limit, however other scenarios are not excluded.

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It is a pleasure to thank Roberto Frezzotti for useful conversation on twisted mass Wilson fermions. A.M.T. acknowledges support from the “BASIS” foundation. A.Yu.K. acknowledges the hospitality of the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics and the support of the European COST Action CA15213 “Theory of hot matter and relativistic heavy-ion collisions” (THOR). The work of A.Yu.K. was also supported by RFBR grant 18-02-40126. M.P.L. acknowledges the hospitality of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Numerical simulations have been carried out using computing resources of CINECA (agreement INFN-CINECA and ISCRA project IsB20), the supercomputer of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research “Govorun” and the computing resources of the federal collective usage center Complex for Simulation and Data Processing for Mega-science Facilities at NRC “Kurchatov Institute”,

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