New experimental results in proton radioactivity

  • K.P. Rykaczewski


A review of experimental data obtained recently on proton-radioactive nuclei is presented. The highlights include the observation of fine structure in proton emission, for the decays of 131Eu, 145Tm and 146Tm, and the studies of the excited states in proton-emitting nuclei. The observation limits are extended to few nanobarns cross-sections ( 140Ho, 164Ir and 130Eu) and few microsecond half-lives (e.g., 145Tm). Measured decay properties for thirty-nine proton-emitting ground and isomeric states contributed to the understanding of nuclear masses and evolution of single-particle states at and beyond the proton drip line. Experimental results have stimulated new theoretical approaches to proton emission and the structure of unbound narrow resonance states.

PACS. 23.50.+z Decay by proton emission – 21.10.-k Properties of nuclei; nuclear energy levels 


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  • K.P. Rykaczewski
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  1. 1.Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, USA and Institute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University, Pl-00681 Warsaw, PolandUS

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