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Numerical simulation of selective laser melting with local powder shrinkage using FEM with the refined mesh


A mathematical model of selective laser melting (SLM) of fine-grained metallic powders under the pulse laser annealing conditions has been developed. The processed powder bed is considered in the approximation of continuous medium where its effective thermophysical properties depend on local porosity. The model allows simulation of unsteady distributions of temperature, specific enthalpy, local porosity, morphology and thickness of the processed track. In the paper, all stages of problem analysis are described including its mathematical formulation and numerical implementation. To take into account shrinkage of the powder layer during sintering and remelting, the numerical model utilizes the arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian (ALE) method. Thus the finite element mesh provides robust control of quality and dynamic remeshing through adaptive mesh refinement. Using the proposed numerical model the unsteady thermal fields and local porosity of a Fe-based powder layer processed with a pulsed laser has been investigated.

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