Magnetic and optical properties of Co-doped ZnO nanorod arrays

  • Wei Wang
  • Fuchun ZhangEmail author
  • Xiaoyang Wang
  • Shuili Zhang
  • Junfeng YanEmail author
  • Weibin ZhangEmail author
  • Weihu Zhang
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In this study, Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays were deposited on Si substrates by magnetron sputtering followed by the hydrothermal method at 100 °C. The effects of doping concentration and hydrothermal growth conditions on the crystal structures, morphologies, magnetic and optical properties of the obtained Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays were studied. Surface characterization showed Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays with uniform and dense distributions along the [0001] direction with the hexagonal wurtzite structure. Besides, no impurity phases were detected in Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays. The room-temperature ferromagnetism of Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays was detected based upon the high-saturation magnetization of 4.4 × 10–4 emu/g, the residual magnetization of 1.1 × 10–4 emu/g and the coercive field of 309 Oe. Furthermore, the photoluminescence (PL) spectra exhibited by the Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays with the luminescence intensity in the ultraviolet region were nearly five times that of the pure ZnO nanorod arrays. With the increase in the Co2+ doping concentration, the redshift in the ultraviolet emission peaks was observed. The theoretical results presented obvious spin polarization near the Fermi level, with strong Co 3d and O 2p hybridization effects. The magnetic moments were mainly generated by Co 3d and partial contribution of O 2p orbital electrons. These results indicated that Zn1−xCoxO nanorod arrays can be used as potential magneto-optical materials.



This research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.: 61664008), the National Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province (Grant No.: 2017JM6102), the Scientific and Technological Innovation Team (Grant No.: 2017CXTD-01), the Natural Science of Foundation of Hubei Province, China (Grant No.: 2019CFB225).


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