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The propagation of weak shock waves in non-ideal gas flow with radiation


In the present paper, the evolutionary behavior of weak shock waves propagating in an unsteady one-dimensional flow in non-ideal radiating gas is analyzed. The effect of thermal radiation under optically thin limit is included in the energy equation of the governing system. The method of asymptotic analysis is used to derive the transport equation describing the propagation of waves under the high-frequency conditions which is also used to determine the time of first wave-breaking conditions. The equation governing the propagation of acceleration waves is also obtained. Furthermore, the movement of disturbance in the shape of saw-tooth profile is discussed. The effect of parameter of non-idealness under the influence of radiative heat transfer, on the decay of sawtooth profile is analyzed.

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First author is thankful to Department of Science & Technology (DST, India) for the award of INSPIRE fellowship.

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