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Dynamics of distributed-order hyperchaotic complex van der Pol oscillators and their synchronization and control

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The distributed-order hyperchaotic unforced and forced complex van der Pol oscillators with complex parameter are introduced and investigated in this paper. The basic dynamical properties including equilibrium point and its stability and chaotic behavior of the unforced oscillator are studied. The intervals of the parameters values at which this oscillator has periodic, chaotic, and hyperchaotic behaviors are calculated using Lyapunov exponents. These intervals of chaotic and hyperchaotic behaviors can be used in many applications such as secure communication and electronic circuits. Using the linear feedback control, the control of solutions of our oscillator(unforced) converge to a fixed point are studied. We state a scheme to achieve the complete synchronization between two distributed-order hyperchaotic unforced complex van der Pol oscillators. The analytical formula of the controller is derived and used to achieve synchronization. Secure communications via hyperchaotic masking for a text which contains alphabets, numbers, space, and symbols are investigated using the proposed scheme of this work. The dynamics of the distributed-order hyperchaotic forced complex van der Pol oscillator with complex parameter is investigated. Synchronization and secure communications can be similarly studied for the forced oscillator.

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The authors extend their appreciation to the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Khalid University for funding this work through Research Groups Program under grant number R. G. P. 2/19/40.

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