Nonlinear dynamic response of sandwich beams with functionally graded negative Poisson’s ratio honeycomb core

  • Chong Li
  • Hui-Shen Shen
  • Hai WangEmail author
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This paper investigates the nonlinear dynamic response of sandwich beams with functionally graded (FG) negative Poisson’s ratio (NPR) honeycomb core in thermal environments. The novel constructions of sandwich beams with four FG configurations of re-entrant honeycomb cores through the beam thickness direction are proposed for the first time. The temperature-dependent material properties of both face sheets and core of the sandwich beam are considered. 3D full scale finite element analyses are conducted to investigate the nonlinear dynamic response, and the variation of effective Poisson’s ratio (EPR) of the sandwich beam in the large deflection region. The numerical simulations are carried out for the sandwich beam with FG-NPR honeycomb core, from which results for the same sandwich beam with uniform distributed NPR honeycomb core are obtained as a comparator. Present results indicate that, when subjected to transverse dynamic pressure, the induced dynamic bending moment of the sandwich beam with core of positive EPR is much bigger than that of the sandwich beam with NPR core, and the thickness of which will extraordinarily increase. The effects of loading types, functionally graded configurations, temperature changes, boundary conditions, and length-to-thickness ratios on the deflection-time curves and EPR-deflection curves of sandwich beams are discussed in detail.


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