Covariant equations of motion beyond the spin-dipole particle approximation

  • Sergei M. KopeikinEmail author
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The present paper studies the post-Newtonian dynamics of N-body problem in general relativity. We derive covariant equations of translational and rotational motion of N extended bodies having arbitrary distribution of mass and velocity of matter by employing the set of global and local coordinate charts on curved spacetime manifold M of N-body system along with the mathematical apparatus of the Cartesian symmetric trace-free tensors and Blanchet-Damour multipole formalism. We separate the self-field effects of the bodies from the external gravitational environment and construct the effective background spacetime manifold by making use of the asymptotic matching technique. We make worldline of the center of mass of each body identical with that of the origin of the body-adapted local coordinates by the appropriate choice of the dipole moments. The covariant equations of motion are obtained on the background manifold \(\bar{M}\) by applying the Einstein principle of equivalence and the Fermi-Walker law of transportation of the linear momentum and spin of each body. Our approach significantly extends the Mathisson-Papapetrou-Dixon covariant equations of motion beyond the spin-dipole particle approximation by accounting for the entire infinite set of the internal multipoles of the bodies which are gravitationally coupled with the curvature tensor of the background manifold \( \bar{M}\) and its covariant derivatives. The results of our study can be used for much more accurate prediction of orbital dynamics of extended bodies in inspiraling binary systems and construction of templates of gravitational waves at the merger stage when the strong gravitational interaction between the higher-order multipoles of the bodies play a dominant role. The covariant theory of the post-Newtonian equations of motion beyond the spin-dipole approximation is a solid foundation for future improvements in long-term accuracy of relativistic celestial ephemerides of the solar system bodies.


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