Ubiquitous exposure to microfiber pollution in the air

  • Ahmet Tunahan Kaya
  • Meral YurtseverEmail author
  • Senem Çiftçi Bayraktar
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  1. Focus Point on Microplastic Pollution: Assessment, Effects and Mitigation Strategies


Microplastics (MPs) are among major micro-pollutants ( \( < 5 \) mm) which can be found in water sources and air in substantial quantities, and which still are not covered by standard extraction and analysis procedures. Even though several researches have demonstrated the presence in water sources of different MP fragments, the most common type of MP in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and in the atmosphere are MP fibers. MP fibers (MFs) present in the atmosphere deriving from a number of sources can settle on the ground, but they can also float due to wind and air flows, reaching the respiratory system of humans like other pollutants. The objective of the present study is to make an evaluation of the amount of microplastic fibers that freely float in the air due to their light weight and nano-, micro-size. To quantify the presence of MPs in the air, their amount was evaluated after collecting them in two sites: an intercity terminal and a university campus.


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