Hydrogenic impurity effect on the optical nonlinear absorption properties of spherical quantum dots with a parabolic potential

  • Jian-Hui YuanEmail author
  • Li-Li Wang
  • Zheng-Ye Xiong
  • Ni Chen
  • Zhi-Hai Zhang
  • Yong-Xiang Zhao
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The linear, third-order and total optical absorption coefficients of a hydrogenic impurity in spherical quantum dots subjected to a parabolic potential are calculated by the compact density-matrix approach and the finite difference method. The effect of the potential parameter \(\gamma_{p}\) and the confining radius R on the optical absorption coefficients of the spherical quantum dots are investigated. The following conclusions are drawn: 1) The reduction of the size of the quantum dot can lead to a blue-shift of the absorption spectrum no matter whether there is an impurity or not; however, the intensity of the absorption spectrum slightly decreases as an impurity is introduced into the spherical quantum dot. 2) The saturation case of total optical absorption coefficients is observed more easily in the case of weak confinement than in the case of strong confinement; and there is a one-to-one correspondence relationship among the intensity of the absorption peak, the potential parameter \(\gamma_{p}\) and the saturation intensity Is, corresponding to the saturation case of the total optical absorption coefficients. 3) There is an approximate linear relationship between the value of Is and the value of \( \gamma_{p}\) as the value of \( \gamma_{p}\) is large.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsGuangxi Medical UniversityGuangxiChina
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsEast Carolina UniversityGreenvilleUSA
  3. 3.School of Physics and ElectronicsYancheng Teachers UniversityYanchengChina
  4. 4.National Center for International Research of Biological Targeting Diagnosis and Therapy Guangxi Key Laboratory of Biological Targeting Diagnosis and Therapy Research Collaborative InnovationCenter for Targeting Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy Guangxi Medical UniversityGuangxiChina

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