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Dipolar drag in bilayer harmonically trapped gases

  • N. Matveeva
  • A. RecatiEmail author
  • S. Stringari
Regular Article Ultracold atoms in confined geometries


We consider two separated pancake-shaped trapped gases interacting with a dipolar (either magnetic or electric) force. We study how the center of mass motion propagates from one cloud to the other as a consequence of the long-range nature of the interaction. The corresponding dynamics is fixed by the frequency difference between the in-phase and the out-of-phase center of mass modes of the two clouds, whose dependence on the dipolar interaction strength and the cloud separation is explicitly investigated. We discuss Fermi gases in the degenerate as well as in the classical limit and comment on the case of Bose-Einstein condensed gases.


87Rb Coulomb Drag Slosh Mode Drag Experiment Dipolar Interaction Strength 


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  1. 1.Dipartimento di FisicaUniversità di Trento and INO-CNR BEC CenterPovoItaly

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