7Li and 7Be isotopes in a new cluster model

  • Nafiseh Roshanbakht
  • Mohammadreza ShojaeiEmail author
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


One of the cluster characteristics found in light nuclei in the vicinity of a nucleus with doubly magic closure is that valence nucleons act like a cluster rotating around a core. In this paper, cluster structures in 7Be and 7Li isotopes are studied, assuming a two-body system. Also, regarding the non-zero spin of the cluster, the effect of spin-orbit coupling on the splitting of states is investigated. Finally, to verify our model, the charge radius and electric quadrupole moment of the studied isotopes are calculated and compared to the experimental results, and show good agreement.


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  1. 1.Department of Nuclear Physics, Faculty of Physics and Nuclear EngineeringShahrood University of TechnologyShahroodIran

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