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The effects of IL-6 cytokine expression in renal tissue on the clinical and morphological picture of IgA-nephropathy in patients over 60 years old

  • T. S. Ryabova
  • I. A. Rakityanskaya


In this paper, the expression of IL-6 cytokine in kidney biopsy tissue of IgA-nephropathy patients of different age groups was analyzed and its correlation with the clinical and morphological picture of the disease was investigated. In the study it was shown that IL-6 affects the formation of histopathological changes of kidney tissue and this process has no dependence on the patient’s age. Given that the duration of the disease influences the level of IL-6 expression in the glomerulus regardless of the patient’s age, the role of IL-6 in the disease development was confirmed.


IgA-nephropathy interleukin-6 biopsy tissue age 


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