Growth of Allotropic Modifications of Carbon on a Thin Tungsten Wire from Vapor Phase with the Use of Microwave Plasma


The process of deposition of allotropic modifications of carbon from the gas phase (5 vol % methane) with the use of microwave plasma on W wire 20 μm thick has been studied. The microwave power was changed in the range from 3 to 5 kW. The investigations of the structure of coatings, as well as the results of Raman spectroscopy, made it possible to establish that a microwave power of 3 kW results in the deposition of a diamond film with a crystallite size from 1 to 5 μm, microwave power of 4 kW causes the deposition of diamond-like carbon, and an increase in power up to 5 kW leads to the deposition of multigraphene film.

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The study was supported by the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation under the agreement of April 24, 2018, no. 12697GU/2017 (UMNIK program).

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  • diamond film
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