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, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 96–104 | Cite as

The influence of degree of deformation under isothermal abc pressing on evolution of structure and temperature of phase transformations of alloy based on titanium nickelide

  • A. I. Lotkov
  • O. A. Kashin
  • V. N. Grishkov
  • K. V. Krukovskii
Physico-Chemical Principles of Materials Development


The article discusses investigations into evolution of microstructure and variation of temperatures of martensitic transformations of the alloy Ti49.8Ni50.2 (at %) with increase in the degree of deformation under isothermal abc pressing (T = 723 K). It is discovered that, at the initial stages of the abc pressing in the vicinity of forge cross, the grain size sharply decreases; in some cases, this decrease exceeds the initial size by about an order of magnitude. Possible mechanisms of formation of such structure are analyzed. It has been demonstrated that, at the degrees of true deformation e > 2, the grain structure in total specimen bulk is refined through the mechanism of continuous dynamic recrystallization, which leads to formation of a homogeneous fine grain structure with a high volumetric portion of submicrocrystalline and nanostructured fractions. It is established that, at all considered degrees of deformation, the temperatures of martensitic transformations remain actually constant, which can be attributed to intense behavior of dynamic and postdynamic recovery, as well as formation of the martensite phase upon cooling from the pressing temperature.


titanium nickelide isothermal abc pressing microstructure dynamic recrystallization temperatures of martensitic transformations 


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  • A. I. Lotkov
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  • O. A. Kashin
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  • V. N. Grishkov
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  • K. V. Krukovskii
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