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Soft magnetic nanocrystalline films of alloys of Fe—refractory interstitial phase for application in devices for magnetic recording



Physicochemical and structural approaches to development of a highly inductive, soft magnetic, wear-resistant, and thermally stable film material with a nanocrystalline structure for application in recording magnetic heads of fast-acting magnetic devices for high-density magnetic recording are considered taking into account the development of ferromagnetism theory as applied to nanocrystalline ferromagnetics. The conditions for formation of the structure where the ferromagnetic phase (α-Fe) is strengthened by dispersed particles of the nonmagnetic phase (ZrN) are considered by the example of Fe-ZrN films. The parameters of this structure are shown to affect magnetic properties of films (B s and H C ).

Key words

nanocrystalline ferromagnetics soft magnetic film materials magnetic recording 


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