Invasion of the Polychaeta Laonome xeprovala Bick & Bastrop, 2018 (Sabellidae, Polychaeta) into the Estuary of the Luga and Khabolovka Rivers (Luga Bay, Gulf of Finland)


In September 2018, polychaeta worms of the family Sabellidae—Laonome xeprovala Bick & Bastrop, 2018—were found in the Luga Bay (Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea). This species was previously been recorded in Europe, but the eastern most point of its discovery was the Gulf of Wislin—the southeastern region of the Baltic Sea. The article presents the main morphological description and distribution of this species in the investigated area.

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We are deeply grateful for the help of the staff of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, E.N. Egorova, A.A. Maximov, and B.I. Sirenko and to D.V. Bogdanov of the St. Petersburg Branch of VNIRO (GosNIORKh named after L.S. Berg).


This work was carried out in the framework of the state program “Implementation of State Monitoring of Aquatic Biological Resources in Inland Sea Waters of the Russian Federation, on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, and in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation, in the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea” and work on the state theme “Fauna, Ecology, and Biogeography of Invertebrate Hydrosphere” no. AAAA-A17-117030310207-3.

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  • invasive species
  • polychaeta
  • Sabellidae
  • Laonome xeprovala
  • Gulf of Finland
  • Luga Bay