Gas Adsorption onto an MN-270 Polymer Adsorbent within a Supercritical Range of Temperatures and Pressures


The adsorption of nitrogen, argon, and methane onto MN-270 polymer adsorbent was studied within a pressure range of 0.1–40 MPa at temperatures of 303, 323, 343, and 363 K. The excess adsorption isotherms were measured for these adsorption systems, the adsorption volumes were determined, the total content adsorption isotherms, characteristic energies of adsorption, and differential, integral, and average isosteric heats of adsorption were calculated. The last two heats of adsorption were also calculated via the characteristic energies.

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This work was carried out within the framework of a state order, subject no, 1201353185.

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  • adsorption
  • hyper-cross-linked polystyrene
  • isotherms of adsorption
  • differential
  • integral
  • average heats of adsorption