On the Stability of ZrO2 + TiO2 Coatings on Titanium Formed by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in a Chlorine-Containing Medium


The regularities of the effect of the duration of coatings' galvanostatic formation in Zr(SO4)2 electrolyte on their composition, structure, surface contact angle with water, and the time of emergence of electrostimulated pitting when samples are in contact with an aqueous NaCl solution have been studied. It has been shown that coatings formed on titanium in the range of transition from the sparkling stage to that of more powerful microarc electric discharges are relevant for anticorrosive properties. The interrelation between the anticorrosive properties of PEO coatings and the stages of their growth may be of general character in PEO treatment of valve metals and alloys of different nature in electrolytes with varying compositions.

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This work was carried out within the Institute of Chemistry FEBRAS State Order (project no. 265-2018-0001).

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  • ZrO2 + TiO2 coatings
  • formation stages
  • electrostimulated pitting