Spectral-Kinetic Analysis of State of Silver Sol Particles During Synthesis in Various Media


Silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) have been synthesized in various media using chemical reduction of silver ions with tannin and absorption spectra have been recorded during synthesis of organosol, organohydrosol, and hydrosol. Analysis of the spectra has provided the concentration of Ne conduction electrons, volume fraction of particles NV, and damping coefficient of plasma oscillations γ, which characterizes the imperfection of particle surface. It has been determined that there is an increase in NV and a decrease in γ during formation of Ag NPs of hydrosol and organohydrosol. Parameters NV and γ, which vary upon synthesis of Ag sols, possess a period with self-excited oscillations. Explanations of the nonstationary character of Ag NP formation in sols and a formal second kinetic order of the process in nonaqueous medium have been suggested.

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  • silver nanoparticles
  • analysis of absorption spectra
  • surface defects