The Structure of Plasma-Electrolytic Coating Formed on Al–Si alloys by the Micro-Arc Oxidation Method

  • N. Yu. Dudareva
  • M. M. Abramova
New Substances, Materials, and Coatings


The results of a study of the structure of hardened surface layers formed by the micro-arc oxidation method (MAO) on Al-Si alloys are presented. The influence of the concentration of electrolyte components on the formation mechanism of MAO layers and the properties of the formed surfaces, such as the microhardness, thickness, porosity, and elemental composition of the surface, is shown.


Hardened Layer Electrolyte Composition Casting Aluminum Alloy Electrolyte Component Hardened Surface Layer 
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  1. 1.Ufa State Aviation Technical UniversityUfa, BashkortostanRussia

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