Methanol oxidation on aluminium-copper-silicon alloys coated with polyprrole

Molecular and Supramolecular Structures at the Interfaces


Methanol oxidation on the aluminum-copper-silicon alloys which are coated with polyprrole were investigated in 1 N H2SO4 by using electrochemical method. For this purpose, first the current densitypotential curve of alloys were obtained in 1 N H2SO4 + x M pyrrole solutions, determined passive zones are coated with polyprrole alloys in H2SO4 solutions. Then the current-potential curves were obtained in 1 N H2SO4 + x M methanol with aluminum alloys and these are expected at +1.5 V against to the standard calomel electrode (SCE) at the different times in 1 N H2SO4 + 10−3 M pyrrole that were obtained with different scan rates. The extreme methanol oxidation was seen on the E110 and E140 alloys which are coated with polyprrole. Embedded pH electrode solutions which were coated with polypyrrole in 1 N H2SO4 and 1 N H2SO4 + 0.5 M methanol solutions were measured after 30 minutes at +2.1 V.


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  2. 2.Ankara University Faculty of Science Chemistry DepartmentAnkaraTurkey

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