Conversion of Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gases on Industrial Nickel Catalysts


The two-stage conversion of industrial liquefied hydrocarbon gases (LHGs) on NIAP-07-01 (NKM-1) and NIAP-03-01 catalysts is studied to obtain hydrogen-containing gases. The experiments are performed in flow reactors with fixed catalyst layers at a pressure of 0.1 MPa under the conditions of pre-reforming: temperature, 350–450°С; GHSV = 1000–3000 h−1; steam : gas ratio, (4 : 1)–(8 : 1). For steam–air reforming: temperature, 700°С; GHSV = 2000 h–1; air : gas ratio, 1.2 : 1. The concentrations of converted gas components under these conditions correspond to equilibrium values calculated using the Peng–Robinson model. The conversion of methane homologs is almost 100% during the pre-reforming stage, while the concentrations of methane and hydrogen are 32–54 and 24–47%, respectively. The main condition for the pre-reforming of hydrocarbon gases with a high methane equivalent is a Н2О : С ratio greater than 2 to avoid the formation of elemental carbon (carbonization). The yield of hydrogen-containing gas during two-stage reforming is 15.6 m3, obtained from 1 m3 of initial LHGs with a hydrogen content of 41.81%, and the total amount of CO and H2 is more than 52%.

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It was performed on equipment at the Nanotekhnologii shared resource center of South Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI).


This work was supported by the RF Ministry of Education and Science, grant no. 10.2980.2017/4.6.

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  • liquefied hydrocarbon gas
  • nickel catalyst
  • pre-reforming
  • conversion