Preparing Nutrient Media from Lignocellulose: Optimizing the Composition of a Multienzyme Compound


Lignocellulose is a inexhaustible global resource for the production of a wide range of products of biotechnological synthesis. Improving the efficiency of extracting glucose from lignocellulose would allow us to increase the yield of these products and thus lower their prime cost. The aim of this work is to optimize the composition of a multienzyme compound (MEC) made using CelloLux-A, Ultraflo Core, and BrewZyme BGX commercial enzyme preparations (EPs) for the efficient enzymatic hydrolysis of an oat hull substrate treated with 4 wt % nitric acid under conditions of trial industrial production. The optimum ratio of the EPs, 1/4 : 3/4 : 0 (18 mg/g substrate CelloLux-A, 55 mg/g substrate Ultraflo Core), is found via mathematical processing of experimental data obtained using the simplex–centroid design of the experiments. The optimized composition of MEC allows the yield of the reducing substances (RSes) to be increased by 195%. The kinetics of hydrolysis at different concentrations of MEC is studied using an equation from an experimental statistical model. It is established that a 13% increase in (a) the yield of RSes from the mass of the substrate, and (b) the yield of glucose from the mass of the cellulose in the substrate, is observed when the concertation of MEC is raised 300%. The hydrolyzate obtained using the optimum MEC serves as a nutrient medium for the biosynthesis of a valuable biotechnological product, bacterial nanocellulose, the yield of which is 6.1% of the hydrolyzate glucose.

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This work was performed using the instrumentation of the Biisk Regional Shared Resource Center, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute for Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Biisk).


This work was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation, project no. 17-19-01054.

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  • oat hull
  • nitric acid treatment
  • enzymatic hydrolysis
  • multienzyme compound
  • simplex– centroid design
  • bacterial nanocellulose