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, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp 148–155 | Cite as

Catalytic oxidation of natural gas using flameless burners of a new design

  • D. L. Astanovsky
  • L. Z. Astanovsky
  • P. V. Kustov
Engineering Problems


Various aspects of operating burners traditionally used for oxidizing gaseous hydrocarbons and heat exchangers used for heat recovery are considered. A method developed by FAST ENGINEERING LTD. for the efficient burning of fuel with deep heat recovery of waste gases while maintaining a given adiabatic temperature is described. The method is based on using a flameless burner and heat exchangers of a new design. Burner operation is tested on an experimental stand with determination of the dependences for the aerodynamic drag of a granular layer and the content of unburned hydrocarbons, CO, and NO x in combustion products on the consumption of the fuel-air mixture and the adiabatic temperature of fuel combustion. The described method for burning fuel is shown to provide the desired temperature of combustion products for a consumer of heat energy and to reduce the consumption of fuel by 5–20%. Burning fuel at an adiabatic combustion temperature of no more than 1200°C virtually eliminates the CO and NO x content in the combustion products. Designed flameless burner, new generation of heat exchangers, and technology for the efficient burning of fuel can be applied to vapor and water-heating boilers, gas turbines, and catalytic reactors to produce synthesis gas from natural gas for processing into hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, synthetic liquid hydrocarbons, and so on.


oxidation of gaseous hydrocarbons catalytic reactor flameless burner adiabatic combustion temperature radial spiral type heat exchangers heat recovery energy conservation environmental safety 


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  • D. L. Astanovsky
    • 1
  • L. Z. Astanovsky
    • 1
  • P. V. Kustov
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  1. 1.FAST ENGINEERING LTD.MoscowRussia

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