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Oxidative reforming of methane on structured Ni-Al2O3/cordierite catalysts

  • S. O. Soloviev
General Problems of Catalysis


The catalytic properties of Ni/Al2O3 composites supported on ceramic cordierite honeycomb monoliths in oxidative methane reforming are reported. The prereduced catalyst has been tested in a flow reactor using reaction mixtures of the following compositions: in methane oxidation, 2–6% CH4, 2–9% O2, Ar; in carbon dioxide and oxidative carbon dioxide reforming of methane, 2–6% CH4, 6–12% CO2, and 0–4% O2, and Ar. Physicochemical studies include the monitoring of the formation and oxidation of carbon, the strength of the Ni-O bond, and the phase composition of the catalyst. The structured Ni-Al2O3 catalysts are much more productive in the carbon dioxide reforming of methane than conventional granular catalysts. The catalysts performance is made more stable by regulating the acid-base properties of their surface via the introduction of alkali metal (Na, K) oxides to retard the coking of the surface. Rare-earth metal oxides with a low redox potential (La2O3, CeO2) enhance the activity and stability of Ni-Al2O3/cordierite catalysts in the deep and partial oxidation and carbon dioxide reforming of methane. The carbon dioxide reforming of methane on the (NiO + La2O3 + Al2O3)/cordierite catalyst can be intensified by adding oxygen to the gas feed. This reduces the temperature necessary to reach a high methane conversion and does not exert any significant effect on the selectivity with respect to H2.


catalyst cordierite reforming oxidation 


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  • S. O. Soloviev
    • 1
  1. 1.Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical ChemistryNational Academy of Sciences of UkraineKievUkraine

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