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The Study of the Effect of Evaporation or Infiltration on the Free Surface of Ground Waters in Some Problems of Underground Hydromechanics

  • E. N. Bereslavskii


Two schemes simulating filtration flows under the rabbet of Zhukovskii through soil mass underlain by a waterproof base or a permeable confined aquifer are considered in the theory of the flat steady-state filtration of incompressible fluid by Darcy’s law. To study the effect of evaporation or infiltration on a free surface of ground waters, the mixed boundary problems of a theory of analytical functions that are solved using the Polubarinova-Kochina method are stated. Based on these models, the algorithms for calculating the saturation zone are developed in the cases when during the water’s motion, the combined influence of important factors, such as backwater from an impermeable base or an underlying permeable aquifer, evaporation, or infiltration on the free surface of the ground waters, and the capillary capacity of soil, must be taken into account.


filtration infiltration evaporation ground waters free surface Zhukovskii rabbet Polubarinova-Cochina method complex velocity conformal mappings Fuchsian-class equations 


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