Contemporary Problems of Ecology

, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp 123–136 | Cite as

Cosmopolitan Distribution of the Spitting Spider Scytodes thoracica Latreille, 1802 (Aranei, Scytodidae) and Its New Findings in the Northern Parts of the Range

  • E. A. Belosludtsev
  • V. V. Gasilin


We have compiled data on the distribution of spitting spider Scytodes thoracica Latreille, 1802 throughout the world and discussed our original findings of the spider in the northern part of its Eurasian range. This cosmopolitan species has a Mediterranean origin; the only place where it has not been found is Antarctica. The wide distribution of this species is due to the anthropogenic factor. However, S. thoracica demonstrates synanthropic behavior outside its natural range. Based on the published data of studies in the Mediterranean region, we describe the range of this species as a synanthrope; there lies the northern border of its range. We also determine the northern border of the range in natural areas (including agricultural landscapes). The southern region of the Middle Volga is the northernmost location of S. thoracica in the natural ecosystems of Eastern Europe and the easternmost location in the natural ecosystems of northern Eurasia.


Aranei Scytodidae Scytodes thoracica spitting spider range synanthrope cosmopolitan dispersal anthropochory colonization July isotherm Mediterranean Europe Middle Volga region Samara oblast 


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