Process Mining: Realization and Optimization of Process Discovery Algorithm


The article discusses the approach to the analysis of business processes, called process mining, and the directions of its application. In particular, a description of the process discovery algorithm is provided, with the help of which the process model is reconstructed from the event log in the form of a workflow graph. The implementation and improvement of the algorithm are proposed, which allow avoiding costly enumeration of all subsets of activities included in the analyzed process model. The proposed approach allows the use of process discovery algorithm for large event logs.

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The work has been done at the JSCC RAS as part of the state assignment for the topic 0065-2019-0016 (reg. no. AAAA-A19-119011590098-8). The supercomputer MVS-10P, located at the JSCC RAS, was used for calculations during the research.

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  • process mining
  • process discovery algorithm
  • Petri nets
  • process model
  • event logs