Nanotechnologies in Russia

, Volume 11, Issue 3–4, pp 117–127 | Cite as

Quo vadis, worldwide nanoindustry?

  • N. A. Emashova
  • V. E. Kudryashov
  • T. A. Sorkina
  • A. V. Balandina
  • A. V. Bratishchev
  • V. I. Sklyar
  • S. V. Kalyuzhnyi


An overview of key stages in nanotechnology progress and the world nanoindustry market development has been carried out. A comprehensive analysis of patents, including the growth rate of numbers of patent applications from 2001 to 2014; patent distributions between countries, institutes, and companies; and a compilation of main areas in patent protection is given. The main part of the review is devoted to trends in three primary clusters in nanoindustry: nanomaterials, nano(opto)electronics, and nanomedicine. Characteristics of the most interesting products and technologies in the main fields of interest are presented, including classification, market value, and main applications.


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  • N. A. Emashova
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  • V. E. Kudryashov
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  • T. A. Sorkina
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  • A. V. Balandina
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  • A. V. Bratishchev
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  • V. I. Sklyar
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  • S. V. Kalyuzhnyi
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