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Electric and magnetic phase transitions in nanoclusters and nanostructures

  • I. P. Suzdalev


This review is devoted to electric and magnetic phase transitions in nanoclusters and nanostructures. The original models of phase transitions, which explain the first-order electric and magnetic transitions observed in a series of nanoclusters and nanostructures by the critical sizes of the nanoclusters and the critical concentration of defects in nanostructures by the jump of electric conductivity and magnetization, have been discussed. The original model of the transformation of a bulky solid into a nanostructure accompanied by the first-order phase transition of a metal-isolator type in vanadium oxide and magnetite has been outlined. Electric and magnetic transitions of separate nanoclusters and nanostructures based on V2O3, VO2, Fe3O4, α-Fe2O3, and γ-Fe2O3 have been examined.


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